National Association of Psychological Science

Prof S N Ghosh

Dept of Psychology
H P university, Shimla

In the year 1975, Psychology became 4th Department of the H.P. University under Faculty of Social Sciences. Department of Psychology is an exploratory space of thinking and reflecting on the innumerable meanings of human being. The academic programme of the department focus on the affirm and probable of the being human.

The department runs its four programmes, Master of Arts (MA), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) and Doctorate of Psychology (PhD) and Postgraduate Programme in Clinical Psychology (PGDCP) drawing strongly from intellectual sources as well as tempting with the real life ‘conditions of diverse subjectivities around us. The focus is to bring learning through bridging theory and practice for the erudition so as to create new kinds of knowledge and Practice.

Our doctoral and M. Phil programmes are characterizing innovative and creative research practices and the challenge is to bring in new standpoint and new conduct of knowing.

The budding psychologist of our department take pleasure in learning and mentoring skill of our faculty members that allows them to reach their full potential and place them in a better position to in life part from being involved in extention activities to under stand principle of psychology in the real world . The faculty has made a substantial number of publications and this has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Dalip Singh (IAS)

Chief Patron

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Roshan Lal


Dr. Radhey shyam

Prof Radhey Shyam

General Secretary


Dr Bal Nagorao Rakshase

Executive Member

Dr.Rakesh Behmani

Dr. Rakesh Behmani

Executive Member

Dr. Satyananda Panda

Dr. S N Panda

Executive Member


Prof S N Ghosh

Vice President

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About Us

The National Association of Psychological Science (NAPS) has been established in 2010. This is an endeavour for the development, representation and advancement of different areas of psychology as a science.

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Punjab University,
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