National Association of Psychological Science

Dr Bal Nagorao Rakshase

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Health Policy, Planning and Management , School of Health Systems Studies


Graduation in English, Sociology, Psychology (Milind College of Arts, Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad),
Post Graduation in Psychology (Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad),
Ph.D. (University of Pune)

Dr. Dalip Singh (IAS)

Chief Patron

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Roshan Lal


Dr. Radhey shyam

Prof Radhey Shyam

General Secretary


Dr Bal Nagorao Rakshase

Executive Member


Dr. Chadera Shekhar

Executive Member

Dr.Rakesh Behmani

Dr. Rakesh Behmani

Executive Member

Dr. Satyananda Panda

Dr. S N Panda

Executive Member


Prof S N Ghosh

Vice President

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About Us

The National Association of Psychological Science (NAPS) has been established in 2010. This is an endeavour for the development, representation and advancement of different areas of psychology as a science.

Correspondence Address

Department of Psychology,
Punjab University,
Postal Code-160019 (INDIA).