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January 2017 Vol-8 (1)

Indian Journal of Psychological Science, January 2017, Volume-8, no-1

1.A Study of the Difference in Psychological Well being of Male and Female Employees Working in Government and private Sectors Exhibiting three levels of Organizational Role Stress
Neet Bisht,Sangeeta Khullar
2.Well-Being of Government and Private School Teachers: A Comparative Study
Gopla ch. Mahakud, avinash Kumar,Sadiq Mobeen
3.A Study of Mental Toughness in Association with Subjective Well-Being among Adolescents
Nallini Malhorta, Rupleen Kaur
4.Self-Esteem and Psychological Well-Being of Elderly Living with Families and in Old Age Homes: A Comparative Study
Shagoon Maurya,Priyam Saini,Daisy Sharma
5.Role of Emotional Maturity in the Development of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) Among Adolescents
Niyati Garg, Vandana sharma
6. Communication Style, Conflict Resolution, and Forgiveness as Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction among Young Adults
Upasana Chaddha,Samina Bano,Kriti Vyas
7.Associated Familial Psychosocial Factors in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
M.Archana Simon
8.Sexual Knowledge and Risk Behaviour among Female Adolescents with Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIS): Role of Sex Education in Schools
Ishita Chauhan, Shivnath Ghosh
9.Role of Management Styles on Job Performance: A Literature Review
Sen, C. Mishra,k.
10.Role of Postive Psychological Constructs in Mental Health of School Teachers
Sarita Sood
11.Optimism, Resilience and Employee Engagement
Padmakali Banerjee,Bornali Yadav
12.Ethical Climate and Organizational Commitment: A Review of Literature
Rathore, M.Sen, C
13.Depression in Relation to Attachment Style and Self-Efficacy among Adolescents
Hardeep Lal Joshi, Sarah Mehta


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I am glad to learn that the National Association of Psychological Science-India (NAPS) in cooperation with the Department of Psychology, P. G. Government College, Sector 46, Chandigarh, India along with publication partnership of the American Psychological Association (APA), is going to organize the 1st International and 3rd Indian Psychological Science Congress.

Prof. Mhd. Kamal Uddin

This is my pleasure to write a good wish message for your Conference. As you know, the future of psychology in India depends on how psychology can help facing the challenges of multifarious problems of individual, family, social, and national lives of the people of India.

Prof. Abdul Khaleque

I am delighted to learn that National Association of Psychological Science-INDIA and Psychology Dept., P.G. Govt. College, Sector-46, Chandigarh Jointly organizes 2nd International and 4th Indian Psychological Science Congress with International Collaboration of World Without Anger (W.W.A) on 8-9 October, 2015 at Chandigarh-INDIA.

Prof. Subhash Chandra

Panjab University, ChandigarhIt is time to become mental capitalist and to invest in our brains

Dr. Sagar Sharma (Prof. Emeritus)

The leadership skills of IPSC team have putted together such a successful gathering of scholars. I have no doubt that the upcoming event will be better than those in past.

Prof. Mudita Rastogi, Argosy University, USA

University of Delhi The IPSC-15 will surely be opening the plethora of information and debates which will spre...

Prof. N. K. Chadha, University of Delhi

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