1. Life membership: Any person possessing major academic qualification in psychology, having a good character, may get the life Membership by paying Rs. 2000/-.
The Life Membership will remain valid for 12 years.
2. Student membership: Any one studying or carrying out research in psychology can get the membership by paying Rs. 1500/-. Validity up to student life only.


  • NAPS Newsletter will be provided free of cost as and when started.
  • All the Members will get special concession for registration at the NAPS conferences.
  • The NAPS is publishing the research journal “Indian Journal of Psychological Science”. The original empirical research papers pertaining to different branches is considered for publication.
  • Life members will be nominated as a Convener of the respective States/Union Territories and the list will be available on the NAPS website as and when launched.
  • Life members will be recommended (on request) to participate in the International Conference/Symposia.
  • The NAPS will sonor the Best Psychologist award annually to encourage/popularized the field among the masses. Any member can apply/nominate/recommend the name of suitable person annually and the decision of the Governing Body will be final in this regard.

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